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Goal: Fuzzier Backgrounds

Hey friends!

So for my first real blog post, I wanted to talk about one of my biggest goals I’m trying to accomplish right now. I can take pictures with a full background, fully sharpened, everything in view. I can also take pictures with a fuzzy background, blurred and beautiful. But I am not taking enough of those during sessions for my liking. So I’ve made it a goal to take MORE fuzzy background pictures of subjects. I want to really focus in on some face shots; a blurry background, and even a blurry foreground, can add so much depth to a photo of someone’s face. Also, I want to incorporate more blurring out the fore and background on all sorts of shots.

Last weekend I did a session with a friend of mine who is getting married soon, and I was able to implement some of the things I’d been thinking about. Got some fuzziness:

So, how do I get more blur?

For this photo, I used a 80-200mm lens. It allows me to stand really far away, and zoom in really close–which makes the background get all blurry. And as you can see, it also blurred out the very edge of the foreground. This all happens because I’m telling the camera to focus on one specific point within it’s range. The more I narrow the field of vision, the more it blurs out the surrounding area. I’ve accentuated the edge of the frame with a color burn vignette, so it looks even more crazy-blurry!

I’m not done editing the session yet; there are other ways to get the background blurry. But I’ll show you more when I’m done. Bring on the fuzz!

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