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Okay, I’ve had to face a few facts the last week or so. Studio photography is not my ultimate end-goal. It’s not my final purpose in photography. It’s not what makes me happiest. Although it’s lucrative, it’s not what gets my creativity churning, or what inspires me to become a better photographer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s interesting, and difficult–a challenge I’m gladly accepting. BUT I’ve realized it’s not where I want to be devoting all my energy.

I recently made some purchases to further my ability to take on more and more studio clients, and came to the conclusion that those purchases actually need to take a backseat to my number one love: Beloved. Or lifestyle photography, or candid photography, or intimate, personal, genuine photography. Whatever you want to call it.

Let’s face it;
I’m a new photographer. I have limited funds. Every dollar I make during a session is spent on new equipment, new supplies, new classes, workshops, business taxes (my least favorite), etc. So why am I spending a huge chunk of my hard earned income on my second priority?? Good question. One that I can’t ignore.

I’ve made it a goal to learn more about Beloved. I constantly find myself inspired by one Brooke Snow, a photographer from Logan, Utah. Her work is so intimate, so personal. She has this way of getting her clients to feel so comfortable during shoots. And most recently she posted on her blog about Beloved, a concept by Jesh de Rox. Basically, it’s a way of interacting with your clients to get them to go

from this:

to this:
And I WILL get there. 
(isn’t she amazing?!)

I’m taking on new challenges; I’m wisely spending my income so I can focus in on what my real long term desires are. So don’t be surprised if you’re one of my friends and I ask you to do a shoot with me in the next couple months :)  This is where modern photography is going. No more posing with your prayer hands next to your face, no more “lower your chin a centimeter.” This is where I thrive, so this is where I’m going.

August 18, 2011 - 5:27 pm

Erin - You bought Beloved? Let me know what you think of it! I'm really curious about it — I saw Brooke's post earlier this week and I'm really impressed with how it works.

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