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The Power of YOU [brooke snow online course]

This week I signed up for Brooke Snow‘s Advanced Pro: The Power of You online course.

I am:

I’ve posted about Brooke’s work before, and I’ve been following her for about a year, at least. I’ve dreamed and drooled, and thought about taking a course from her, but never really thought it would happen because
I usually buy a new piece of equipment with the money I earn from shoots. Brooke is more than a photographer. She has inspired me to be a better photographer, and a better business person, and a better person, simply just through her blogging, and the way she interprets life.

All you avid followers out there will know that just a few weeks ago I was dead set on purchasing the Beloved Fieldguide by Jesh de Rox… But now I’ve purchased this instead! :) I weighed the pros and cons of each, and ultimately, it came down to how each photographer made me feel about myself. Brooke is constantly writing about staying positive. It’s so important to let yourself be inspired by people who uplift you, and make you feel worthwhile–and I TOTALLY believe that. I’ve had to force myself to walk away from the computer sometimes when a photographer’s work is making me feel like my work is crap, when I feel like I’ll never attain my goals, when I feel like I should be working for free. And Brooke’s influence has been a sure and steady source of positive vibes right from the start. I never feel like I’m falling behind when I read her blog or look at her photos. Thus, the decision to take a course from her first before delving into the specifics of Beloved. Eventually I’ll get there.

I’m certain I’ll be posting some of the things I learn from the course. It starts on September 18th, and I have no idea how I’m going to wait 3 weeks! I’m looking forward to focusing on ME. Things that I need to do to make my work better. Specific things I can do to improve the way my photos look BEFORE I shoot. And I’m ready to work on feeling even more comfortable interacting with people. Seriously, no matter how calm I may seem during a shoot, ultimately I’m a very introverted person, and human contact is always a challenge :)

I’ll be sure to post my work along the way!

Here’s another preview of Anne + Rilee to keep you excited; I’ll be posting the rest of their session at the park this week.

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