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Green Family [week 3 assignment]

My assignment this week was focusing on interaction and building relationships: to photograph either a couple or a child after having implemented some sort of interview, and to then use the info I got to make their session more personalized.
I met with my brother-in-law and his little family. I had them fill out my questionnaire, which gave me a ton of info on their relationship, and even helped pick the location! We decided to go back to the park where they had their first date.
I integrated some of the Beloved invitations, and a few other invitations I sort of made up based on some photos I found :) I basically just made up some questions and games I thought would illicit the right response. Turned out good :)
Travis and Robyn are deeply in love, but SUPER goofy :D Their happy personalities really shine through.
In this one they had to look each other in the eyes and say “I love you.” At first it’s sort of silly, which is great! It eventually turns into some really sweet moments.

In this one I wanted to do a fortune reading. Travis was helping Robyn determine his future.
I believe this was where we did the word game. To Travis, if Robyn was a noodle, she’d be the twisty colorful kind that are orange and green and taste like spinach. 
I could not, for the life of me, get the hand-shade-y thing to work to get rid of my lens flare. Grr
Also, one thing I’ll need to remember is that when it’s cloudy, even if the sun goes down at 7pm, it’s a LOT darker beforehand than if there were clear skies. It started to get pretty dark, even before the sun was technically set. 

My initial intention for this session was to get WAY more shots of Lucy, my niece. She was to be my primary subject, and then I’d practice more of the same kind of thing I’d been working on with my last assignment with the parents. I came so prepared! But she was in a particularly somber mood that day, and gave me a bunch of these looks:

While adorable even when she’s mad, Lucy usually is the life of every party. In the questionnaire, her mom put it exactly right, that Lucy has a way of making everyone fall in love with her! I got her playing with her Ms. Pinkerton in her stroller, and then she hung out with my husband running around in a field eating Cheese Nips while I spent some time with her parents. I figured I’d let her be grumpy rather than force pictures, haha :) She lives right next door, so I’ll get her happy some other time.

October 11, 2011 - 10:50 am

Travis Ammon Green - Thanks, Becky. This was a lot of fun!

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