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“Whatever you do, don’t let anything make you hate photography. This business can be rewarding, fulfilling and an absolute blast if you’re prepared to pay the price. There are hard times in any line of work and with a career where the products you sell come directly out of your very heart and soul, it can be an emotionally draining endeavour. You have to find ways to feed yourself emotionally, spiritually and creatively if you’re going to survive.” 
Elizabeth Halford, photographer

This is so, so true. In the last year, I have done more work from my heart and soul than ever before, and it HAS been an emotionally draining endeavor. With the new year approaching, I’ve tried to keep my thoughts focused on goals I have for 2012, and for my entire future, and one thing has really stood out to me. I need to keep doing what I love. I need to stay in the niche I’ve found, trust myself, and get rid of the doubts. I AM proud of myself. I’ve invested a lot of time and money in myself–in my brain, and in my technique–and I need to give myself the chance I deserve.

I’ll be thinking about ways I can feed myself emotionally, spiritually, and creatively–and you should too!

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