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What should I wear?

Number one rule: wear something comfortable.

If you wear something you feel uncomfortable wearing, or if your clothes are too tight, too low-cut, too proper, too grungy, if your heels are too high, or basically if you feel weird–it will most likely show in your photos.

Second rule: Just try to be yourself :)

Wear season/weather appropriate outfits. Not only is it fun and attractive, but you’ll feel the right temperature. Wear long sleeves and layers in the fall and winter; wear cool, flowing clothes in the summer.

That being said, be creative! If you’re in a group, it’s okay to coordinate your outfits, but I suggest not being completely “matchy-matchy.” In other words, instead of everyone wearing the exact same color or the exact same ensemble, try wearing variations of the same 2-3 color scheme. Mix up the patterns.

Usually, layers and accessories are totally the way to go! Chunky, colorful accessories are flattering and exciting. Think sweaters, cardigans, wraps, vests, ties, hats, long necklaces, bracelets, pins, headbands, earrings, etc.

Pay attention to your shoes :) Don’t forget that your shoes/toes will be in the pictures too!

My photographic style itself is light, airy, and dreamy. So light, modern colors will flow best, while saturated neons and bold mix-matched patterns tend to flow less.

Finally, decide the mood you want for your pictures. My favorite style is spiffed up casual. You can do an outfit change to mix things up a bit, or just add a layer. Decide if you’d like to go with a more classy look, wearing skirts, dresses, slacks, and shiny shoes; or if you’d like to be a bit more casual. It can be fun to be predictable as well as juxtapose your outfit and your setting. I’m so, so happy to talk to you about your ensemble choices if you need any guidance!

Here’s some more resources:

How much make-up should I wear? How should I do my hair?

I am a big, big fan of people looking their best, but their natural best. If you normally wear make-up, then wear it :) Do your hair how you feel comfortable. Follow this simple guideline: Don’t go overboard. If it looks over-done in the mirror when you get close, my lenses will see it too.

Should I bring anything with me?

Less is more. I highly suggest leaving your bags, cell phones, and any other carry items in the car! Bulging pockets and heavy bags make things more stressful. If you’re doing an outfit change, making a trip back to the car to find a place to change is no big deal.

We can talk about any props or accessories you’d like included in your session. We can plan an entire “scene” or have a simple one-item prop. I like props that reflect the person or relationship.

If you have a baby, bringing a child seat or a blanket for them to rest on while not being held is always helpful.

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