My Authentic Style

My style and intention with each photography session is probably a little different than you’re used to. My sessions aren’t cookie-cutter, and I think it’s great! Someone looking for a traditionally posed photoshoot might not get what they’re expecting. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something uniquely YOU, you might just find yourself right at home with me.

I capture people’s most authentic emotions and relationships.

To love and connect with people and the world around us is what being human is all about. Honoring and celebrating those connections in life is so worth while, and I love creating a way for people to actually see — with a still photo in front of them of a moment in time — how unique and special each relationship is in our lives, and how happy they make us. This is the root of why I do what I do.

A photo session with me involves spending time with your partner and loved ones, your family, or even yourself or friends, exploring your relationships and life, talking, thinking, feeling, and honoring your connections — basically just having a good time.

It’s emotive and authentic, natural light photography.

I’ve formed my sessions to be very interactive, and different than a typical photo session that involves posing and backdrops. This session is about YOU, so I mostly want you to physically interact with your loved ones like you normally would. I want to catch you doing what you normally do, acting together how you normally act. I help you look your best in tiny ways and compose a lovely photo, while you think about what’s most important to you.

Your smiles are genuine, and your photos will be too. your emotions are authentic, because you are actually experiencing something.

I aspire to be a discoverer of what is already there, instead of a creator of something I perceive should be there.

I usually expect to come away with photos of my clients laughing with each other, cuddling, and even kissing; there are photos of hands being held and faces processing a bunch of emotions — emotions that you feel when in the presence of your loved ones.

Photo sessions with young children tend to be relaxed and organic, with time given to allow kids to be themselves. I love it when kids can participate in how a session flows by choosing what we do, how we play, or who they sit next to. The natural signs of affection they show when comfortable makes my heart turn to mush! 

I tailor my sessions to be a comfortable blend of candid, lifestyle, and traditional styles — based on you. 

Now, granted, some people want a little “traditional photo shoot” mixed in (you know, a photo where everyone in your family is looking at the camera all at the same time), and that’s a-okay with me. It’s a group effort to get what’s comfortable for you.

I photograph with blurry backgrounds and lots of light!

I love wide open apertures and lots of exposure! That means I usually go for a blurry background, shallow depth of field, and a kind of cinematic feeling. I often have very specific points of focus or blur, or crop my images to create a sense of motion, story, and perspective.

Everyone has something to celebrate.

I find my style fits most people who are open to being genuinely themselves and a little vulnerable in front of a camera. My favorite is my work with couples because of the ooey gooey mush, but I work with all people who have something to feel: one-on-one, couples, small families, large families, and all sorts of groupings and events.

A session with me is for people in love and who love. If that sounds like you, I look forward to meeting you!