photo editing timeline updates

Hello! If you want to keep updated on where your photo session is in my editing queue, you're in the right place!

Thank you so much for being so understanding about the amount of time it takes to get through the editing process. It takes time but I don't want to rush any of it. I've put together this updates page for you to keep an eye on so you know when to get excited. The expected dates are LOOSEY GOOSEY but I love you and want you to have an idea.

When your gallery is uploaded, you'll get an email from BECKY GREEN PHOTOGRAPHY /


Suzanne's Family

Freeman Family

Emma + Michael

Foreman Family

Becca's Family

Valerie's Family

Bennett Family

Jensen's Family

Erica's Family

Glazier Family

editing now

Kelly W's Family (expected 12/2)

up next

Alissa's Family (12/4)

Chrissy's Family (12/5)

Cat's Family (12/6)

Tim's Family (12/7*)

Brooks' Family (12/8)

Smith Family (12/10)

Mishay's Family (12/13*)

Bennett Family (12/14)

Joel + Dan's Engagement (12/15*)

Kailie's Family (12/15)

Samantha's Family (TBD)

Marcus + Danielle Engagement (12/17)

Lindsey's Family (12/21)

Alora's Family (12/22)

Maria John's Family (12/22)

Megan H's Family (12/28*)

Fabian Family (1/1)

Cynthia W's Family (1/14)

Hudson Family Mini (TBD)

Vee's Family (TBD)