About me at home

Hey there, this is me!

I’m a photographer and business owner. But most of all I'm a super mushy Ravenclaw who you'll most likely find awake at 3 AM drinking coffee and playing Minecraft, probably while a sourdough loaf is rising in the kitchen and a true crime show is playing in the background. That actually sounds amazing and I wish I was doing that right now.

I'm 30-something and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House to be exact. I grew up a piano-playing choir girl with 4 brothers who took every opportunity to put bugs on me. I have a super cute, arthritic black lab named Nymphadora Tonks (Nymphy for short) who is my buddy in life. We surround ourselves with our favorite human buddies who make ur world full of love. If you come over, I'll probably try to host the heck out of you and make sure you have a good home-cooked meal and a coffee or loaf for the road.

I believe in being kind, inclusive, compassionate, and loving. I try to surround myself with things that inspire me to be my best kind of human and treat everyone fairly. I believe this life is all we have to live for, so we should make the best of it, take care of our planet, and help others along the way!

About me at work

I take pictures of families living their lives all over Utah. I started my photography business in 2009! I quickly realized I have a passion for good, FEELING photos of people and their relationships. I've spent the last decade as a professional honing my skills and developing tried and true techniques that make people feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to spend time with people they love so I can deliver photos I'm proud of.

I love how it feels to take photos of people surrounded by others who make them happy. Showing you how you look when you’re with those who make you your best self is really what drives me to keep going and taking photos every day! I find a huge amount of happiness and satisfaction witnessing that and providing a way for others to see it themselves.