About Me

Hey there, this is me. I’m a photographer and business owner. I love how it feels to take photos of people surrounded by the people and things that make them happy. I love to show people how they look when they’re with the people that make them their best selves. That’s really what drives me to keep going and taking photos every day!

I live in Salt Lake taking pictures all over Utah and the Pacific Northwest. I will travel anywhere!

I have a super cute black lab named Nymphadora Tonks who is my buddy in life. My two best friends Ry + Vee are our human buddies who we can't do without.

I believe in being kind, inclusive, compassionate, and loving. I am inspired to be my best kind of human by many people, including Bill Nye, Jen Sincero, Alton Brown, Jamie Oliver, Harry Potter and his crew, and my two every-day-best-friends. I believe this life is all we have to live for, so we should make the best of it, and help others along the way!

My main goal with my photography is the same as my goal in life – to accentuate and celebrate the connections we make in life as humans. The greatest ability we have is to love and connect! And there are so many relationships in each of our lives that are unique and special. I find a huge amount of happiness and satisfaction witnessing these and providing a way for others to see it themselves.

I use natural light as much as possible, and I shoot during daylight hours. I only use flashes and external lighting for events like weddings and corporate photography. I love to incorporate sunlight into photos. I’ll work with you to make your session as traditional or modern as you’d like.

Becky Green Photography has been around since 2009! My roots have led me where I am today. I started off taking pictures of my nieces, nephews, and wide open Utah/Idaho landscapes on trips to visit family. When I began to build my portfolio in 2010 I realized I have a passion for photographing couples in love most.

I followed some photographers who became very influential to my work and I owe a lot of my style to how bits and pieces of their work and their willingness to educate the masses fit in with my goals. Brooke Snow taught me how to photograph telling a story, and how to be patient while documenting life so that I can witness authenticity unfold in front of me. I became aware of Jesh de Rox and spent a couple of years incorporating his Invitations and suggestions in to my work. As an amateur, I mimicked him, in a way I now hope is flattering to well-established artists (crossy fingers). Now as a professional, his Beloved and Moment Design techniques are still a huge inspiration for me; they’ve taught me to be a discoverer and observer of emotion and the relationships in front of me, rather than a simple creator. I’ve spent years finding my niche and my style, and I’m honored to share it with you all.

My most used equipment:

Canon 5D Mark IV Digital SLR

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L

Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Canon 600 EX RT Speedlight