If you love the diversity in locations Utah has to offer but hate the inconveniences of winter sometimes, this is for you 馃槀鉂勶笍

Here's a look at a few spots I love to go to for photos in the winter in SLC! I totally get it. The cold temps of Utah winters can be rough. Sometimes there's so much snow it's hard to get around. Sometimes it's freezing! And sometimes there is absolutely no snow and you still want pretty pictures even though everything is dead. 

On the other hand, it's kind of incredible how much diversity Utah has to offer so I love to embrace and celebrate that where we can. If that's you too, I hope you find this list helpful.

Here are 8 EASY places I like to take photos in Salt Lake when it's winter in Utah.

1. Potato Hill - Draper, Utah

I love this place for easy-access mountain vibes on the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley. Without a drive through the canyon, there are tons of mountainous views, Utah shrubs, and a view of the Salt Lake Valley. It's easy for groups of all sizes and young kids because the trail is very mild. There's plenty of parking.

2. The Great Saltair - Magna, Utah

The wide open spaces and sky at Saltair and the Great Salt Lake make taking photos any time of year a real treat. There are rocks, sand, and a few patches of grass that look good in all weather. This place is so unique to Utah too!

3. Neff's Canyon - Millcreek, Utah

This trailhead is the definition of MAJESTIC UTAH. I love it most because you can get photos right on the mountain without driving through a canyon. There's parking literally right behind you, and it's easy to get around without too much hassle in the snow. Neff's is great for snowy photos with kids who need breaks in the car. And it's dog friendly!

4. Utah State Capitol - Salt Lake City, Utah

I adore the Capitol in all seasons, but I think November - March are my favorite months there because of the built-in atmosphere. Rain, snow, or leaves, it's classy, fun, and most of all, it's convenient without sacrificing anything!

5. Sugar House Monument Plaza - Salt Lake City, Utah

The monument plaza in the heart of Sugar House has the most adorable, historic, and trendy shopping, restaurants, and walkable areas around. It's really easy to get fast, happy photos here. This place is great for active kids!

6. At Home - Inside or On Your Porch

Most people don't have photos at home on their mind first when they think of locations, but it's one of my absolute favorites! Your kids are comfortable, your pets are relaxed, and you have all your favorite things around you. It's a great way to capture a little slice of real life. Highly recommend!

7. Your Favorite Neighborhood Park

I always like to suggest your favorite place to take a walk in your own neighborhood or the park you go to all the time because it makes for great memories. Just imagine years down the road when you can look at photos from the year you walked to the park every day. YES PLEASE. 

8. In a Natural Light Studio

If nothing's feeling quite right, there's always the option of taking photos in a natural light studio. There are plenty around that I love and can recommend we book time with. Sometimes the easy way is the best way!

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