If you're wondering how to get your kids ready for your photo session, I have some great tips for you!

The last two are always the most controversial but the most helpful!

It can be really stressful just thinking about getting kids ready for a photo session. Not even counting all the prep that goes into it before the day of photos, it can seem impossible to keep all the kids in a family clean, happy, and full at the same time. So I love when my clients follow these tips for prepping their kids (and, actually, adults too) for our photos.

Let them help pick their outfits.

This helps kids feel included and empowered to participate, even before photos start. If your kid is old enough to care about clothes or has preferences at all, giving them a little bit of choice can go a long way. If you prefer to stick to a color palette or style, you can always give them 2 options to choose from. Or ask them if they have a preference on a main color for everyone.

The older your kids are, the more I recommend letting them be in charge of choosing their outfit and making it their own. The more excited they are about how they look, the more excited they'll be to take photos in it. Plus, who knows better than they do what clothes make them feel most comfortable.

Take naps and eat snacks.

Couldn't we ALL use an extra nap and snack before anything? I'm always so much more prepared emotionally to TAKE your photos when I'm well rested and freshly fed.

YOU set the mood.

If you're frazzled and worried, there won't be space in the room to play. Kids need us to set the tone for the activity so they know they're safe to listen to their own brains. And when they're free to do that, CUTE STUFF HAPPENS. If our goal is to get photos of your kids hugging you, looking at you with heart eyes, and being silly with you, WE have to be the ones to create the zone where that can happen.

Tell your kids what they're about to do.

In the weeks and days ahead, get them excited for photo day! Tell them my name and that we will all be playing together for photos. It helps kids anticipate the social experience and not feel like strangers.

As long as they're safe, nothing they do is wrong.

I say this one a lot, but it's oh so important. Your kids can basically do anything they want during photos and their imaginations RULE ❤️ As long as they're safe, nothing they do is wrong. If they're getting scolded, they aren't laughing. And if they're in trouble, they aren't playing. Trust me! I'll know what to do!

The less you tell them what to do, the better. The more you cooperate with THEIR idea of what we should do, the more engaged they'll be, the more happy they'll be. That's the zone where weird, silly, huggy, and free live.

Don't tell your kids to "say cheese."

Don't hate me. But one of my best, best, best tips is to not tell your kids to "say cheese" for the camera. It takes everyone out of the moment and stops the flow of natural smiles and fun. If we don't remind them about the fake way to smile, they're more likely to let it happen naturally.

You also probably like the way your kid smiles naturally more than their "cheese" smile anyway!

You choose me to take your photos, so trust the process! 💕 You'll be so happy you did!

What do you think, am I missing something you do?

I'd love to work with your family!

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