Photographing Utah Family Events

As a family photographer, I'm always taking photos of special events in the lives of my clients. I love being there to help remember things like this little one's first birthday!

Milestone Photography

This is such a nice opportunity to capture a little bit of what it's like at home with families AND capture milestone moments like a baby's first birthday cake smash. We made time for some family photos first before any food and festivities. Then my clients got to relax and spend time with their extended family who were there to celebrate.

Enjoying the Real Moment

Milestone photo sessions can seem daunting when you think about all the expectations someone might have. And one-year-old cake smashes have A LOT of expectations, for some reason! I think traditions are cool and I actually really like it when families want to commemorate milestones with a celebration and nice photos of the day - it's what I would want myself! So I really like to encourage families to enjoy the moment, embrace real reactions, and not stage too much. It's so nice to let kids be kids, and sometimes they'll cry at their cake instead of tear into it like you hope! And the best part is it's absolutely all worth remembering! I'll be there to photograph the important parts - like how you felt, the smiles on everyone's faces celebrating, and the love you put into the day!