My 3 favorite places to take family photos in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah offers a stunning backdrop all year round for family photos with its beautiful natural scenery and charming old town. But sometimes it can be hard to find public places that are easy to take your family photos at while you're visiting. Here's a list of my 3 favorite locations within and around Park City that I think help you and your family capture the best, relaxed, fun family photos you can.

McPolin Farm

  • This is a truly iconic landmark in Park City with a big white barn and historic farmhouse, surrounding fields, and views of Park CIty mountains all around.
  • It's great for groups of all sizes and is very accessible for all.
  • The city also usually keeps the parking lot and main pathways plowed/shoveled in winter, so it's my go-to spot when there's tons of snow!

Main Street

  • Main street in Park City is the quaintest little historic street with loads of shops, spots for photos, side streets, ski lifts, and courtyards. You really can't go wrong here!
  • It's wonderful for small and medium groups who can move around in the crowds. And is stellar for propsals and engagement photos.
  • There's plenty of parking and the snow is maintained in the winter.

Rotary Park

  • This is a little park with a dense grove of aspen trees and pines, and tiny stream. It's cozy and tucked away with plenty of space to move around with your family.
  • This is THE BEST lace to go for aspens without venturing to far away from Main Street.

Empire Pass

  • Only open in the summer and fall, Empire Pass is the TOP of Park City!
  • It's got massive majestic views that really can't be beat.
  • Parking is limited.

Bonus Locations! Your Home, AirBnB, or Rental

Sometimes the most unique places are the ones no one else gets to use! They also tend to be the most stress-free since there's no loading up the car, and maybe even no dealing with 4 feet of snow if you do them inside!

It's definitely worth while to check with your resort too!

If you're staying at a ski resort, ask them where they recommend taking photos on the property! As a guest, you have access to places the general public doesn't.

Wherever you decide to take photos, I always like to recommend making your family's comfort the highest priority. The more relaxed everyone can be, the happier the photos will be! Park City can be tricky in the winter or when there are lots of other visitors milling around. So take your family into consideration when you're choosing your locations and do what works best for you!

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